Free web hosting
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When we say free, we really mean free. There are absolutely no hidden fees or ads, and you even get use of a full control panel. It really is that simple to get your website started. We also offer a full array of other web solutions for when you find you will need more than the free package. But until then, let us tell you a bit about what you get with your 0$ hosting package.

First of all, you will be able to get this free plan when you register your domain name with us. And with this plan you will get 100 mb of web hosting storage, 1 GB monthly bandwidth, and five free email accounts. With this you will also find that there are no monthly fees, and no annoying ad banners. But again, that is just one of our three host plans that we offer.

Looking to do some drop shipping? Perhaps you have a special skill that you want to offer people. Either way, you will find that if you are just starting out, this host for free package will do just fine for what you need. Don't get fooled by all those other companies out there offering you free service. Most often if you read the fine print you will find that you will have to have ad banners and other nuisances on your site, and worse of all are the hidden fees. All you will ever have to pay for with our hosting services is with your domain registration, other than that it will never cost you a penny unless you need more space.

Furthermore, even if you do find that your business is taking off and you need more services, we have packages that start out as little as $4.99 per month. We can even help you start out that new business with a much needed business logo. Believe it or not, often people will get so caught up in getting their online business started up that they forget all about a logo. But that is at times the most important thing as people will remember you any time they see it. So come and check out our Free web space today and get yourself ready for a whole new way to earn your money.